Two days of concerts under the Van Horne overpass September 2 and 3 starting at noon.



Where to eat !

Mile Ex End Musique Montréal



Marie-Christine Champagne

514-845-0149 poste 224


Caroline Johnson




Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of September during the Labor Day weekend. From noon to midnight, both days.


At the corner of Marmier and Henri-Julien Streets.

How much?

One-day pass, starting at 50$
Two-days pass, starting at 90$


Animals are not allowed on the site, with the exception of properly identified MIRA dogs.

Alcohol and food

Alcohol is prohibited on the site.
No need, moreover not possible, to bring your own picnic, as food trucks will be waiting for you, with a great diversity of options.


It is strictly prohibited to possess nor consume drugs on the site of the Mile Ex End Musique Montréal.


Although the Mile Ex End Musique Montréal is an event open to everyone, in order to respect the existing laws, no alcohol will be served to people under 18 years old.


Unfortunately, no bicycle will be allowed on the site. However, there are many parking spots for bicycles made available outside the site.

Glass containers

For security reasons, glass containers are not allowed on the site.

Musical instruments

It is prohibited to bring or play any instrument on the site. We would not want to upstage our talented artists.

Sales and solicitation

Because we wish to preserve the convivial spirit of our event, it is not permitted to engage in sales, sampling, distribution of pamphlets or promotional products on the site without obtaining prior approval from the organizers.


The Mile Ex End Musique Montréal reserves the right to refuse or expulse anyone who is in a psychological or physical state that is considered inadequate or that could impair the security of the festivalgoers.

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